Kirby Super Star

Game: Kirby Super Star
Released: HAL Laboratory, 1996
System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Game started: August 14, 2011
Amount completed: Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, Revenge of Meta Knight, and LOTS of Samurai Kirby

Chip’s Thoughts

Kirby is a strange creature.  Well, I guess all Nintendo characters are a little odd, but Kirby seems to take the cake(or inhale it, as the case may be).  In-depth research(read: checking Wikipedia) has shown that the current design of Kirby was originally a placeholder in the first Game Boy game, with a plan to replace him with another design as the game was developed.  The creator of the game, Masahiro Sakurai, grew to love the little puff-ball, and decided to keep him as the main character of the series.

So you have this living marshmallow puff, who is supposedly a, “citizen of Dreamland,” (despite looking nothing like the other creatures that inhabit this planet), who inhales enemies, digests them, and gains their abilities.  Very odd, but Kirby Super Star takes it a bit further.  Not only could you vacuum the more unsavory denizens of Dreamland into your gullet and somehow produce a sword (or a yo-yo!), but you can also crap out a copy of the creature you just gobbled up, and he will be your friend!  Somehow eating and passing a mortal foe will make him want to hang out with you.

While all of these oddities can be ignored (it is just a Nintendo game after all), there is one more aspect to the regular gameplay that cannot be ignored.  Whenever Kirby or his partner eats a bit of food to gain health back, you have the option of sharing the treat between the two of you.  You accomplish this by spitting the food into your partner’s mouth, making sure to do this before you have finished chewing the edibles.  How the hell did I just accept this as a kid?  It never bothered me before, I would just grab a Maxim Tomato and scurry back over to Waddle Doo and give him some.  But now, every time I grab a cookie and run back over to Kirby to share it, I will cringe to think that I am forcing these characters to make out against their will, just to get a little health back.

Laura’s thoughts

This game makes me think that I should write a list of the best games and the worse games for introducing your girlfriend (sister/mother/friend/neighbor/mail lady/etc..) to video games. Kirby is definitely a star contender for that list. The games are short, fairly easy, potentially co-op, and really damn cute.

I am a busy woman and I don’t usually have a lot of excess time or patience for long, very-involved games. You will find that I am big supporter of video games which cater to the “grown-ups with no time” and “children with no attention span” markets. Just being able to cuddle up to your significant other and blast through a 10-15 minute game before bed time is perfect. Although I kept mixing up the poop-a-friend, make-out, and attack buttons, I feel like everything else fell into place with little explanation. If you want to introduce your lady friends to video games, I highly recommend starting with a game like this.

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2 thoughts on “Kirby Super Star

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