Donate Games

These days, the options of selling back one’s beloved (or hated) video games are rather limited.  You could take your games to Gamestop, where you will get $5 for a game that you originally paid $60 for, that will be sold as a used game for $45 (read: get ripped off).  You can try your luck at selling the game online at Amazon or Ebay, still at much less than you paid for it originally (read: a big hassle).  Laura and I have discovered a third option, you could donate your old friends to DonateGames (read: promote a good cause).

DonateGames is (according to their website) “an innovative social enterprise dedicated to supporting children with rare diseases through the collection and re-purposing of donated video games and gear.”  They will take your used games, and sell them back online at a discounted price, where ALL of the money they get for your games goes to charity to aid kids with rare diseases.  In addition to the items donated from gamers around the world, several large and small companies have donated new products that are also sold to help those in need.

So as you are looking over your collection of games old and new, deciding what you should sell back to get a few measly bucks towards a new release, remember that there are kids who could use your help, and donate your games instead.  You will be glad you did (or you should be, you monster).

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