Laura’s Secrets About Women

I must confess that we don’t have a game post this past week because I may not have finished a drawing because I have been procrastinHEY LOOK AT THIS DOG!

Anyway, we are adding a new category entitled Laura’s Secrets About Women where I will impart to you all the secret knowledge of the fairer sex when it comes to geekery and relationships(well, the secrets I can tell you without killing you, anyway). While I can’t speak for 100% of the female population, chances are (if you are a boy) I know better than you do.

We will have a new game post for you this weekend when we start our Month of Horror, including a triple play of zombie games. See if you can guess which ones!


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One thought on “Laura’s Secrets About Women

  1. Sero says:

    So glad that you are the part of my life that includes tiny dogs who have CAUGHT THE RHYTHM.

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