Well Done, Google.

Ah, April Fool’s Day.  The time of year that gaming companies and websites advertise games with great ideas, outrageous concepts, and imminent release dates only to pull back the curtain and reveal none of these actually exist.  What makes this day different from the other times of year when good ideas are cut and release dates pushed back (further and further) is that today, it’s all in the name of joking and good fun.

If I sound embittered (who me?), it is only because for years as a young man, I actually fell for some of the jokes advertised by my beloved gaming magazines.  When a Lego version of Halo was first previewed, I laughed (and possibly giggled) with glee at the thought of a Team Slayer match where my opponents crumbled to little blocks.  Then I noticed the release date: April 1st, 2009.  Har-har EGM, very funny, joke received.  The year prior to that fateful (read: frustrating) issue, EGM announced that anyone could unlock Sonic the Hedgehog as a playable character in Smash Brothers Melee.  All you had to do was play the hardest mode in the game for a ridiculous amount of time.  Hours and hours of Cruel Melee mode later, I did not unlock the Blue Blur and I realized I was fooled again!

At least this year, there are some legitimately heart-warming and fun April Fool’s Jokes.  Google Maps is debuting a new version of their software today, for a system that is near and dear to my heart:

I also take comfort in the fact that Sonic did make his way into the Smash Brothers series.  It just took a few years and Sega losing a lot of money for him to finally show up in a Nintendo title.  Yay!

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One thought on “Well Done, Google.

  1. […] this isn’t surprising.  It seems like every year there is some ludicrous announcement of a absurdly fun game or a zany crossover that proves to be just a prank from the internet.  So when I read about the Mega Man/Sonic the […]

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