Please Take One

Let’s wind back the clock several years to the 1990s; when the 16 and 32-bit systems were the kings and queens (looking at you, Sega Saturn) of the marketplace.  At that time, it seemed like every department store had at least some kind of video game kiosk on display. The more dedicated stores (read: Toys R Us) even had two or three systems available to play, with each console providing a taste of games of the age.  For any kid who was forced to endure an entire day of clothes shopping, these free arcade machines were a welcome reward after hours of trying on pants.

During those days, the Internet was still in its adolescence, and not everyone had the ability to research new video games as soon as they arrived home.  Game publishers had to rely on other means to provide the consumer with (mostly) free information on upcoming releases.  Thus, the video game brochure was born.  For every new Nintendo 64 game demo, there was a colorful and informative pamphlet for young people to take home and ogle.  Being a saavy collector (read: hoarder), I made it my mission to acquire as many of these gaming brochures as possible.  Most of these pieces came from department stores (mainly Sears), some came from video game magazines (Nintendo Power), and a select few came from fast food restaurants (Burger King, baby).  But all of these little advertisements ended up in the same place: in a shoe box, tucked away in my parents’ basement… until now!  I have unearthed this treasure trove of gaming nostalgia, and I am ready to share it with the world.

Please Take One is a Tumblr blog I have set up to display my collection of video game brochures.  On a regular basis (or when I feel like it), I will scan and post new pamphlets for your viewing pleasure.  I have pieces from several different consoles and gaming eras, and a few oddball bits that are worth a laugh (if nothing else).  So feel free to check it out, follow the blog if ya like it (and this one, too!), and enjoy a blast from gaming’s past.  I certainly will.

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