Link’s Awakening

Recently, Laura and I had the privilege of attending the Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess concert.  The show was performed by the National Symphony Orchestra, and featured songs from most of the classic series, along with fantastic videos to accompany each piece of music.  The core of the performance was a symphony made up of four movements, with each one based on a certain game.  The first two games featured were Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker, followed by Twilight Princess and…. then the director of the show came out to have the audience guess which game would finish the concert.  Initially, I was worried the last game featured would be Skyward Sword, since the symphony seemed to be moving in release date order.  Fortunately the orchestra dodged that disappointment and closed the symphony with A Link to the Past (my personal favorite).

Upon the finish of the four movements (tee-hee), the conductor left the stage in the fashion of a performer who is planning to return for a super-badass encore performance.  Once she inevetably came back (called it), we were treated with two more songs: the Gerudo Valley Theme from Ocarina of Time, and an oddball piece in the form of Ballad of the Wind Fish, from Link’s Awakening.  Upon hearing this upbeat tune, memories of the first portable Legend of Zelda came flooding back to my mind.  Long car rides to my grandparents’ homes with my trusty Game Boy in tow, my little brother waiting for his turn while I craned my neck to catch the necessary sunlight to illuminate the handheld screen.  Ah, those were the days.

Once I returned home, I resolved to use some of my magical Nintendo DS fun-dollars to purchase Link’s Awakening DX for my current handheld system.  Originally, I was going to buy this game with the intent of handing my 3DS over to Laura, encouraging her to play a classic from my childhood, and we would write a GIMMGP article about it.  But then I did something foolish: I started playing the game myself.

Initially, I rationalized my decision to hold off on letting Laura have a turn.  I mean, I never got to play the deluxe version.  While my brother and I did own a Game Boy Color, only my good friend Jeremy actually purchased the Link’s Awakening re-release.  So why shouldn’t I just try out a new version of one of my favorite games?  I would only play a little bit, just to see the game in color.  Several hours later, I was watching the prophecy of the Wind Fish come to fruition in glorious color, while, “that song from the end of the concert,” (Laura’s words) played in the background.

After playing through this game once more as an adult, I have a new appreciation for just how far this game took our beloved hero in a new direction, all while contributing so many features to future titles at the same time.  Over the next few posts, I will be expounding on my love for Link’s Awakening, while (hopefully) explaining what made this little Game Boy title so unique and wonderful.  Please look forward to it!

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