GIMMGP Jack o’ Lanterns

With just a few more days until All Hallows Eve (and our first free weekend in ages), we here at GIMMGP decided to carve up the pumpkins we had been saving.  After hours and hours (read: less than 20 minutes) of scouring the Internet for appropriate templates to etch into gourds, Laura and I gave up on following the pack and decided to blaze our own trail!  Into my pumpkin, I chiseled my favorite ghost, Gengar, while Laura carved the adorable Pikachu into hers.  We now proudly present our Pokemon Jack o’ Lanterns:

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3 thoughts on “GIMMGP Jack o’ Lanterns

  1. Sabrina says:

    Okay, I am totally impressed. I didn’t “get” Pokemon for the longest time and then saw a cartoon bit with a crew of PIkachus saving the day “Pika, pika, pika chu chu.” Pikachu has been my favorite ever since. Kudos for great execution!

  2. […] last year’s jack o’ lanterns were such a hit, Laura and I decided to establish Pokémon carvings as an official tradition!  […]

  3. […] Laura and I have procured a pair of pretty pumpkins for the festivities.  Instead of the usual Pokémon offerings from the last two years, we have been influenced by our current gaming experiences and carved fresh […]

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