A Night of Song with Lindsey Stirling

[Laura] One blessing the Internet has bestowed upon the world is that our musical preferences are no longer limited to the paltry selection of songs we hear on the radio. Chip and I probably haven’t listened to an actual radio station in years, and quite frankly, I don’t miss it. There’s just something about hearing more commercials than actual music, while the same 12 songs (that you don’t actually like but are willing to tolerate) play in a daily loop. It’s no wonder that radio has become the last desperate resort if there is no signal for Pandora, and we have exhausted every audiobook/CD/MP3 in the car, and Chip has run out of songs to sing. For those desperate moments when we would otherwise be forced to engage in…you know… actual conversation…

[Chip] For some time now, I have been told that I am an old soul. I took this as a compliment, until I realized that it simply meant that I do not know what is hip. Fortunately, I have Laura who will scour the Internet and keep me up to date on what is “trending.” This relationship is especially helpful when it comes to expanding my musical library. Laura will play a song or show me a video, we will both geek out about the music, and thus a new favorite is born. So when my better half showed me epic videos of a spritely young woman playing violin covers of video game music, I was sold on a new artist and (sure enough), we went to see Lindsey Stirling in concert.

The DC Metro can be a long and harrowing (read: boring) ride from GIMMGP Headquarters into the city.  To combat this monotony, Laura and I will often play a portable game of some sort to entertain us.  Here are a pair of musical game suggestions for a couple on a train, desperately trying to pass the time.

When going to see a concert, a solid choice is Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm. I know what you are thinking, “But Chip, my sig other did not play Final Fantasy growing up, so how could he/she even like this odd game?” First thing to remember is that nostalgia is not necessary to appreciate good music, of which Theatrhythm has a great supply (70 songs!). Additionally, your partner has the opportunity to play a fun and engaging rhythm game with cute characters and storybook art. Besides, picture how adorable this would be: you and your partner, seated side by side on the Metro, each of you sharing headphones with a single earbud, passing your Nintendo 3DS back and forth. You will the envy (and possible nausea) of every passenger on the train.

Or you could play Symphonica on your iPad.  It is pretty much like Theatrhythm, but with classical music and cute anime boys.  Plus, the first three episodes are free, so check it out.

While Chip and I don’t always agree with the majority of each other’s musical taste, there are occasional points of intersection on the Venn diagram of our love. Lindsey Stirling happens to be one. So when she announced her tour dates, Chip and I purchased tickets the first day, mainly because we’re very punctual, not because we expected them to sell out. However, they did sell out. I can’t say how quickly, but it fills my heart to bursting that they did. Close to 400 people from all walks and phases of life came from all over the DC area to see this talented little pixie play her violin.

Many of the concerts I have attended in the past have brought me to expect three things from most venues: overpriced greasy food, expensive “cheap” beer, and disgusting bathrooms. The Hamilton defied all expectations by featuring none of these terrible things. The concert hall is part of a larger (and quite fancy) restaurant, with a diverse menu that won’t break your piggy bank. Laura opted for a healthy option in the form of a spicy tuna roll, while I indulged a personal favorite of mine and ordered a giant plate of potato chips; covered in cheese, green onions, and bacon. Before you judge me harshly, please understand that these were freshly made potato chips, and I have a weakness for homemade starchy snacks (and really, who doesn’t?).

The venue was spectacular. Easily the nicest concert hall Chip and I had ever been to. Even Lindsey confided to me before the show that she wasn’t used to playing in such upscale places. (Please enjoy how I talk about Lindsey Stirling like we know each other even though I simply paid extra money to stand at the end of a very long line to meet her…. She’s fantastic, I would happily be her significantly less talented friend). After seeing Miss Sterling perform, one thing is very clear: Chip and I will certainly chain all of our future children to violins. At least the ones that don’t want to be Olympic gymnasts or mad scientists. But we are not complete monsters. They will of course have some measure of freedom: to choose how Chip and I will live vicariously through them.

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2 thoughts on “A Night of Song with Lindsey Stirling

  1. Christian says:

    What? Why didn’t I hear about this?

    • gimmgp says:

      Laura handled the planning and coordination of this date, so it was pretty much a, “Be sure to keep this night free,” situation. Sorry, dude. I will be sure to call ya next time.

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