Street Fighter X Mega Man

Two posts in one day!  What could the occasion be?  Well, the following announcement video hit the Internet mere moments ago, and I just couldn’t help myself:

Initially, my heart was filled with elation at the thought of Capcom releasing a cross-over of two of my favorite series.  But then that cynical voice started chirping at the back of my mind: “Only a PC release?  Why isn’t this on a console?  And why is this going to be free? Will I have to pay for each level? What are you up to, Capcom?”  Since Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe were cancelled not too long ago, I grew rather wary towards this announcement.  My blood started to boil as I thought back on the broken promises about a bevy of DLC characters and stages for Marvel vs Capcom 3.  This once-great company would not trick me again, no sir; I will not stand for this!

MegaManJumpThen I realized how absurd I was acting at the announcement of a free game that only my wildest dreams could have concocted.  I have become so jaded over the years that even good news must have some ulterior motive.  So I took a moment to calm down, drink some tea, and further investigate this story.  After reading through several bits of news (and enjoying some fine herbal tea), I discovered that Street Fighter X Mega Man began its life as a tribute project by a Mega Man fan in Singapore named Seow Zong Hui.  This young man showed his prototype to a Capcom employee at a gaming convention, with the hopes of making his game a reality.  By some divine providence (read: a shared love for Mega Man), the Capcom representative adored the idea, and, for what seems like the first time ever, a parent company collaborated on a fan-made project.

Megman-thumbsupDespite what numerous trolls may be saying on various message boards, this is big news. So many other fan projects have been shut down over the years, most of them by parent companies who have no intention of continuing a beloved series.  Consider this: if more big game companies embrace fan-made games instead of sending out cease-and-desist letters, a fresh batch of talent and ideas would reach the gaming community at large.  Stale intellectual properties could have new blood pumping through their veins.  Fan translation groups could officially work on overseas titles.  More options would be available on store shelves, which is good for fans and companies; truly a win-win scenario.

So I look forward to Street Fighter X Mega Man, and I hope that more companies will allow their honor guard to be meddled with by fans.  After all, it worked for Samus: everyone loved Metroid Prime.

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