Laura’s Picks of 2012

date07As we continue our journey through the  days of 2012, let’s take a look at Laura’s favorite games from the past year.  Just remember: not all of these games were released in 2012, but my better half began each title in the previous year.  Again, if you have an issue with this, please make a formal complaint to the GIMMGP HR Department, and someone will gladly tell you to chill out.

SkyrimLockeSkyrim:Dawnguard: Skyrim might not have been the best game I played all year, but it was by far the one I played the most. I suppose I was a bit late to the party, since I started my game roughly six months after the initial release. Chip had been playing fairly regularly, but once Dawnguard was released, Skyrim became my game. I assume Chip has since taken up knitting to occupy the hours he is not allowed to use his Xbox, because I have usurped it, but who knows. Once I learned that I could creepily hit on my sassy vampire companion AND have an unsettling, mouth-breathing hellhound, it was love. Plain and simple.

Outland_HeroOutland: My poor PS3 was so neglected until this year. This was the first game for which I have actively purchased a points card on my own. It was mentioned on one of the Extra Credit’s “Games You May Have Missed” segments. I didn’t even listen to the review. One look at the game and I was already in love with it. The entire look and feel of the game is breathtaking. It is one of the few games I have ever played that radiates a sense of serenity. Each aspect of the game, from the controls to the music to the art style, emotes the mystic. Every time I scroll over it in my Games Folder, I am stricken with an intense desire to revisit it, just so I can relive that sense of wonder.

Jack-LumberJack Lumber: I admit I am a total sucker for game companies with fun names.  So Owlchemy Labs was guaranteed my business. This iOS game was one I played at PAX East this year, or maybe last year, I can’t recall. They all kind of blur together at this this point. This game, however, stuck in my mind long enough that I actually remembered to buy it the week it was released. The story is fun: You’re a lumberjack seeking revenge after an evil tree kills your grandmother. The game is simple: Swipe through the logs to cut them, don’t hit the animals. So if you harbor any serious arboreal grudges, this might be the game for you.

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One thought on “Laura’s Picks of 2012

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