Feel the Rhythm

magfestarcadeTo start the new year on a strong video game note, Chip and I attended our first MAGfest (Music and Games Festival) together last weekend. Apart from an excellent lineup of musical acts and entertaining panels, this convention boasts an impressive arcade set up. Nearly every kind of title you can imagine was available. From vintage arcade cabinets to pinball machines to numerous fighting games, all were free to play. Instead of overwhelming ourselves, darting back and forth between childhood favorites (most of which we could easily download from the Xbox Live Arcade), we decided to focus our attention on the pile of rhythm games we wouldn’t be able to play at home.

magfesttaikoUpon returning from MAGFest, we had a number of discussions about simulated dancing/drumming/guitar…ing, which inspired us to spend this month exploring the rhythm genre. One reason we chose to examine this particular genre here on GIMMGP is because these titles are by far and wide the easiest way to introduce a non-gamer to the world of video games. Rhythm games often feature intuitive controls and encourage group participation. Most people won’t play these types of games for nearly as long (or at all) if there isn’t anyone else around to share in the experience. It’s an awesome genre of gateway games that anyone can enjoy.

Many of the games we will be covering are more common in arcade culture than at-home gaming, but we’ll look at some rhythm games available for mobile devices and consoles as well. So to get us started, here are a few suggestions worth checking out.

The Arcade
Arcade culture isn’t as prevalent in Western society as it used to be, but it is definitely still around. For example, Dave & Buster’s has about 55 locations across the US. Most of the locations I’ve been to offer many of the games we are going to cover. While this option can become a little pricey, it’s still provides a great experience: rhythm games and alcohol, dancing and drinking. It’s like going to a club, but better because everyone is actually having fun.
Recommendations: Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up

Mobile Devices
Between the iPhone and the 3DS, we have managed to acquire an impressive array of mobile rhythm games. If your girlfriend is looking for a way to share in your hobby, point her in this direction. These games are normally short and easy to learn. Be warned: if she doesn’t like them, it probably means she doesn’t like fun, so you shouldn’t be dating her anyways.
Recommendations: Reflect Beat (iPhone), Rhythm Heaven (DS)

If you don’t have an arcade nearby or you aren’t looking to interact with the outside world, there are certainly options still available. Rhythm games for home consoles normally fall into three categories, based on their input devices:

Instrument Controllers: These games generally require use of accessories based on real-life instruments to play the game properly. Most likely you already own these items, or you know someone who isn’t playing theirs anymore that you can borrow.
Recommendations: Rock Band, Guitar Hero

Motion Controls: These games are played with existing motion-sensing hardware [Wii] or with peripherals that can be used with other games [Kinect, Playstation Move(haha j/k, no one uses the Move)]
Recommendations: Dance Central (Xbox + Kinect), Just Dance (Wii)

Traditional Controllers: Some of GIMMGP’s personal favorites are from back in the days before these new fangled gidgets and gadgets hit the market. These games were great fun and many are available for cheap download, check them out.
Recommendations: Parappa the Rapper, Bust-a-Groove

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3 thoughts on “Feel the Rhythm

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