Today is International Women’s Day!


March is Women’s History month, so we here at GIMMGP wanted to celebrate with a month of talking about Women in Games. We’re very original.

Navigating the subject of what a female character should look or act like has become pretty treacherous. Everyone is chomping at the bit to cry “discrimination” at anything that looks at them funny. This sort of outrage is an easy emotion to trigger and a cheap way to get attention.

Not all of this outrage is unwarranted. The leaps that have been made in women’s rights in the last century are simply a fragile crust of ice over a deep, dark lake of bad history. Even though younger generations rarely experience the same level of discrimination, the wounds of the past still resonate strongly.

With such a long, bloody history to look back on, it can be hard to adjust to the new reality. It often leaves a lingering feeling that if one were to leave their guard down, even for a second, the world will spring back into place, undoing decades of hard work and sacrifice. Some of these old prejudices still cling to life on the fringes of society, but they are not nearly as prevalent or glorified as they once were. Things have gotten better for women (at least in the western world) not only because women are taught they deserve better, but because men are taught that women deserve better. I think we are all generally happier as a society because of that.

DoraMermaidsThat being said, the plight of women in video games is not what we wish to discuss.  I’d rather spend this month in celebration of the female characters I adore (and I adore some pretty ridiculous ones for all sorts of reasons). I’m going to make Chip play the games I can get my hands on. I will tell you why I love them and not about the hidden misogynistic agenda that could be potentially concealed in levels of Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids (yup, it’s real). The common theme of these games is that they have female protagonists and they are legitimately fun to play.

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