Getting Lost on a Straight Path

Recently, Laura asked me what was the last video game in which I became completely immersed.  A game where I would lose track of time and my surroundings; only aware of the digital task before me.  The problem is that Laura presented this query while I was playing 10000000, so I completely ignored her.

10000000KnightAfter reading a recommendation from TheDelver, I set about buying 10000000 for the GIMMGP iPad (a special thanks to my father-in-law for this gift).  Initially, I let the title languish in the virtual pile of unplayed games (along with much of my Steam queue) while Laura and I plowed through Bioshock Infinite.  After a week of being both amazed and frustrated in the floating world of Columbia, I decided to take a day off from the Xbox and get some things done around the house.  Things were going rather smoothly: I had updated my Tumblr account, cleaned GIMMGP Headquarters from top-to-bottom, and gathered up all the laundry for washing.  Then I sat down and decided to try out this retro-looking puzzler called 10000000, and all productivity came screeching to a halt.

10000000GearIt was so simple to get into this game.  There is a little pixelated hero, he needs to escape a dungeon, and you help him by playing a match-three puzzle game.  Easy enough.  I figured I could just burn through a few rounds and get back to my chores.  But as I played, the nuances of 10000000 became clear.  This was no mere puzzle game.  Each tile represented an action or item that could aid my tiny traveler.  Clearing rows of swords and staves helped him fight the monsters blocking his path, while keys would open chests and doors barring the way.  There are the resource tiles, which would accumulate and wait for me at a home castle; to provide my hero with upgrades and tonics to aid in his journey.  All of these items work toward the ultimate goal of beating the high score of 10000000 (hence the name) in order to free the protagonist from his digital dungeon.

Failure became commonplace in this game, but with each broken escape attempt I gained better resources and experience to raise the stakes.  I started to fall into a rhythm as my score multipliers increased and the enemies grew more fearsome.  Soon, I was fighting against Tyrannosaurs and netting high scores in the millions of points.  After a particularly successful run, I glanced at the clock to check the time and found that I had been playing for over three hours without even noticing.  I had just lost a chunk of my productive day, playing what seemed like such a casual game on the surface, and I did not regret a moment of it.

An excellent mix of match-three puzzling, combined with RPG grinding, and wrapped up in delicious retro-stylings, 10000000 is a great game which I highly recommend.  It is available on both the App Store and the Android Market, so unless you own a plain Jane cellular phone (don’t worry, I do too), there is no excuse.  Give 10000000 a try; what have you got to lose?  Well, outside of loads of free time, that is.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Lost on a Straight Path

  1. Tyler Murphy says:

    It’s just one of those perfect mobile titles that manages to be super simple, yet still incredibly engaging. Too perfect.

  2. […] we returned to GIMMGP Headquarters in the winter where our iPad surprisingly became the primary gaming device through the end of the […]

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