The Sunshine Blogger Award

sunshineawardThis post is long overdue, but better late than never, right?  Laura and I were nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award some time ago, and I believe some appreciation Is in order.  Many thanks to Cary from Recollections of Play for the award!  She does some great writing on her own blog, along with contributing to and co-managing United We Game, so she is pretty much a blogging powerhouse.  Please take the time to check out her work; you will not regret it.


The Sunshine Award comes with some responsibilities, so let’s get to those below:

a) Use the award logo in a post and/or on your blog
b) Include a link back to whoever nominated you
c) Offer 10 pieces of random information about you
d) Nominate ten other bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
e) Let your nominees about their much deserved award

Since GIMMGP is a fair and balanced partnership, Laura and I will split the ten pieces of random information down the middle and offer five tidbits each.

Chip’s Random Facts

1) Back in high school, my friends and I absolutely loved schlocky horror movies.  We adored them so much that we actually made our own full-length film – Sledgehammer: The Movie.  In classic horror formula, Sledgehammer is a tale of an escaped psycho taking out party-goers one-by-one, often using silly and over-the-top methods.  Our movie could be called amateur at best, but we had plenty of fun shooting it.  The entire thing is posted in pieces on Youtube, so check it out if you have some free time and want to see high school kids in a bad horror movie.

2) I was diagnosed with epilepsy at a very young age, when I had a seizure that nearly took me out.  Fortunately, I have not had a relapse since I was eight years old, and I am still able to play video games to this day.  On an extra note, I cannot use immersive VR equipment as a result.  So no Occulus Rift for me, thanks!

3) I am a bit of a closet otaku, with a healthy amount of manga, anime, and related merchandise hidden throughout GIMMGP Headquarters.  I mostly prefer the slice-of-life genre, but I dabble with sci-fi series as well.  Some of my favorites include Genshiken, Yotsuba&!, Durarara, and Polar Bear’s Cafe.

4) I really enjoy Wes Anderson’s films, and The Royal Tenenbaums proudly sits at the top of my favorite movies list.  The atmosphere in each of his works is so captivating, and I especially love the way that the Criterion Collection handles the DVD releases.  If only game publishers would re-issue the classics with the same amount of behind-the-scenes content and loving attention to detail.

5) Thanks to living in the age of microbrewing, I have become quite the beer snob.  I will gladly give most beverages the ole’ college try, but let’s be honest: once you have tasted Fat Tire and Dogfish Head, how can you go back to that light beer crap?

Laura’s Random Facts

1. I rode on Shamu the Killer Whale when I was 6 years old. I have a picture. Not here. It’s at my parents house. If I had it, I would totally show you.

2. I have a really cool deck of Tarot cards that I got from Light Grey Art Lab. I love them but can’t read my fortune with them. Their main purpose is look pretty and give people the impression I am delightfully eclectic.

3. I should have been a cowboy. Among other things.

4. My favorite Pokemon at the moment is Axew. If I were a Pokemon trainer I would definitely be a Dragon Master. I would constantly tell people “I am the Blood of the Dragon” even with no provocation. I’m sure no one would be my friend.

5. My favorite thing about being an adult is never having to eat broccoli.

Since Laura and I are fashionably late to the Sunshine Party, it seems that many of the blogs we follow have already been nominated for this esteemed award.  Nevertheless, we want to bring praise to those who creatively and positively inspire, and here they are in no particular order!

1) simpleek

2) Little Sister Gaming

3) Lovedelic Life

4) Beneath the Tangles

5) Playing the Canon

6) Wild Man Ted

7) Ogiue Maniax

8) Robo♥Beat

9) Delver

10) A Most Agreeable Pastime

There you have it, folks!  We want to thank Cary once more for her nomination, and many thanks to everyone who has supported GIMMGP along the way.  Now let’s raise our glasses to more breezy, summer days spent playing video games indoors with the windows wide open!

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4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Congrats, and thanks for the nod! It’s awesome to learn a little more about you guys, as your blog is one of my favorites. =)

  2. simpleek says:

    I always enjoy your perspective on video games and whatever else you two write about. Look forward to seeing more from GIMMGP!

  3. dugular says:

    A Wes Anderson fan! Woohoo!

    Royal Tenebaums will be a classic in a couple of decades time! Though it’s my 2nd favourite Anderson film, behind The Darjeeling Limited which for some reason, just pinches it for me 😀 But still, that’s not taking anything away from the former!

    And on top of that, you’re a beer snob. I may be slightly in love. If you ever get the chance to travel to the Czech Republic, your life will be changed. I can barely stomach gassy light lagers after visiting there 🙂

    Oh, and congrats on your nomination! 🙂

  4. […] I have mentioned before, my friends and I were obsessed with horror movies back in high school.  Rental stores and VHS […]

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