Geek Force Network and U-Pick Video Game Marathon

One of my favorite things about video games is their ability to bring people together.  On a basic level, multiplayer titles encourage players to work towards a mutual goal in a virtual space, but there is so much more that games can accomplish.  Individual experiences with games can pull complete strangers together to share their stories and make new bonds.  Emotional tales and powerful messages within games can inspire groups of players to change the world for the better.  Over the course of my own life, video games have been the common link to so many amazing moments and people, and this week I have the pleasure to share two pieces of news on that front.


I have officially joined the Geek Force Network!  Described as, “collection of great writers, podcasters and video producers who gravitate toward all things geek,” the GFN is an excellent to place to visit daily for all sorts of fantastic content.  I will be posting every Monday on the particularly geeky pairing of video games and comic books.  Every week, I will cover a comic book/series and the history behind it.  I will also take a look at the stories contained within the pages, and see if they serve as an expansion to the universe, a loving tribute, or a blatant cash-grab to my favorite hobby.  The first post is already live, so please take a look and be sure to check out the other excellent contributors to the Geek Force Network!


In the past, I have talked about the importance of charity and giving what you can to those in need.  Here is a perfect opportunity to do just that.  The U-Pick Video Game Marathon is now taking donations!  The brain child of my friend Stephonee, the U-Pick Marathon is a chance for people to fund water projects in struggling nations and watch a bunch of goofballs play tons of video games.  For 48 hours at the end of December, the crew at the U-Pick will play the games selected by our donors and broadcast a live-stream of all the gameplay!  While the broadcast is a few months away, donations and selections from our eclectic list of games can be made right now.  Please take a look, donate a few bucks, and tune-in later this year to watch my friends and I play video games for a great cause.

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One thought on “Geek Force Network and U-Pick Video Game Marathon

  1. Mom says:

    So very proud of the expansion of writing from a small blog to infinity and beyond! Well done, Chip! I enjoyed exploring the GFN!!

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