Simul-tober: The Sounds of Silence

Here is the post I wrote for United We Game.


The horror continues as we are now in week two of Simul-tober! Be sure to check out the other posts at Cheese Toastie and Video Games and Games I Made My Girlfriend Play. And now the this week’s entry courtesy of Chip from GIMMGP:

In the past, I have talked about the power that music can hold over a listener.  A particular song at the right moment can heighten tension, bringing a cold sweat to a player’s palms.  Most horror games have ambient soundtracks, the kind of music that has a song for each scene, specifically tailored to certain areas and enemy encounters.  But among these recordings, there is normally a single song that transcends all other tracks and becomes a sort of theme for the game.  In the Silent Hill series, it seems like composer Akira Yamaoka had this philosophy in mind, and crafted some of the…

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