Pokemon Pumpkins

Since last year’s jack o’ lanterns were such a hit, Laura and I decided to establish Pokémon carvings as an official tradition!  For this Halloween, we have etched our new favorite Pocket Monsters into the sides of pumpkins.  Laura’s autumn gourd features an adorable Axew, while my fall fruit has the dopey Wobuffet on display.  We now proudly present the GIMMGP Pokémon Jack o’ Lanterns of 2013:



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3 thoughts on “Pokemon Pumpkins

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    Those are awesome! Good idea too. I hadn’t really thought of trying to capture Pokemon.

  2. […] GIMMGP was one of the participants in our “Simultober“, post sharing series so you can find a couple of their excellent posts right here at UWG. However, there’s so much more excellence to be seen on their blog this week! In addition to a shared post from Cynenway (another Simultober participant), this week they found some pretty darn cool Pokemon-themed jack ‘o lanterns. Check out the post to see if your favorite pocket monster was among the carvings they came across! (See it Here!) […]

  3. […] a pair of pretty pumpkins for the festivities.  Instead of the usual Pokémon offerings from the last two years, we have been influenced by our current gaming experiences and carved fresh visages into these […]

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