Laura’s Picks of 2013

LauraNZWineAnother year, another list of games that my wife really enjoyed.  It’s rather interesting that most of the triple-A games we played last year were bought by Laura.  I feel like some sort of video gaming hipster by comparison.  “Oh, you bought games at brick-and-mortar stores?  How plebian.”  Oh well.  At least she managed to keep the two of us in relevant gaming conversations with our peers.  Here are Laura’s Favorite Games of 2013!

Thomas was Alone


This is just the best game. It is super simple in a way that is utterly beautiful. You would be surprised at how attached you can become a sentient rectangle.

Tomb Raider

TombRaiderZiplineFor as much as I gripe and complain about this game, the fact remains that beneath all of its tedious story and useless weapon-pushing, Tomb Raider was a very good game. I complain mostly at the lost potential of the gameplay. My favorite part of Tomb Raider occurs once the “game” portion is over — when the player is free to explore the island; collecting artifacts and killing/sparing enemies in whatever manner they deem necessary. For all its insistence that the player use guns and rocket launchers, the stealth and bow options are very well executed. It proves there is potential for good alternative stealth options in triple-A games and I’d like to see more of that in 2014.

Bioshock Infinite

bioshockinfinitecointossThis game was probably the one I talked about the most. Probably because it is a game that wants you to talk about it, if for nothing else than the ending is kind of weird and hard to follow. I’ve had a number of discussions with Chip about the ending alone, mostly because you need at least 3 different perspectives in order to get a vague sense of understanding. I loved the artwork though. I even had a huge article that I wrote about the art style of the Bioshock Infinite that I was never able to whittle down to a manageable length, so I never posted it. But I loved the original Bioshock and was not disappointed in the sequel (I mean…maybe a little).

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2 thoughts on “Laura’s Picks of 2013

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