Voluntine’s Week Wrap-Up

Good evening, faithful readers!  Thanks to the efforts of many a fantastic blogger, the past seven days have made up a rather successful Voluntine’s Week.  There have been cinematic writings, nostalgic posts, and musings on that blessed beverage we call coffee.  Here is a little recap of my guest posts that have popped up over this wonderful week:

Some words on Tecmo’s Deception series on Linksaveszelda.

A review and thoughts on the sci-fi gaming classic Another World on RoboHeartBeat.

Stepping back in time with alternate soundtracks to beloved games on Recollections of Play.

Many thanks to each of these fantastic bloggers who featured my guest posts this week.  Please be sure to check out and follow all of their sites.  Chock full of great writing and frequently engaging subjects, these blogs should not be missed.  Happy Voluntine’s Week, everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Voluntine’s Week Wrap-Up

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    Thanks for chipping in (yeah, I know). Your posts were most excellent!

  2. […] Of course, a shout-out to United We Game for hosting. Follow them on Twitter as well – lots of great writers and posts contribute over there. And check out Games I Made My Girlfriend Play’s own Voluntine’s Week wrap-up. […]

  3. […] months of 2014 were rife with guest posts and collaborations with wonderful bloggers, including Voluntine’s Week and March Mario […]

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