When Attending PAXEast: Some Advice

Even though Laura and I will not be attending PAXEast this year (those tickets and rooms sold out fast), we wanted to share some advice to all the folks who will be spending their weekend at this massive convention. Please to be enjoying!

Games I Made My Girlfriend Play

Since it’s creation in 2010, Laura and I have been attending PAXEast, and every year our Video Game Pilgrimage seems to get better.  Now many of you may be asking, “But Chip, how can I personally improve my Penny Arcade Expo experience?  Surely all of the responsibility falls on Masters Gabe and Tycho to make my money seem well spent!”  While it seems that most of the good times you will be having do rely on the coordinators of this convention, we here at GIMMGP have learned many lessons along the way that have made every year at PAX just a little bit better (read: SO MUCH BETTER).  Now we will share these lessons with you, the faithful reader!

Lesson 1: Don’t drive when flying is so much easier.  Laura and I learned this the hard way during our first trip to PAXEast.  From GIMMGP Headquarters, it is a roughly…

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