U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity: Battle of the Birthdays


It’s a surprise charity attack!  In just four days time, the co-founders of U-Pick are giving up their birthdays to help bring clean water to the Sahel region of Mali and Niger.  Stephonee and Grant have birthdays that are one week apart, so what better way to celebrate than a 12-hour charity marathon?

Each player has selected 15 games according to what they think would make for a great marathon, for a total of 30 fantastically fun and frantic titles to choose from.  For those of you who donated and watched last year’s marathon, the rules are pretty similar:

1) Pick a game from this list: http://bit.ly/UPickList

2) Donate as much as you want on this page! Leave the name of the game you picked as a comment on your donation. $1 = 1 point for the game you name.

3) Watch the broadcast on http://www.UPickVG.com on Sunday, September 21st from 10am-10pm Eastern. Grant and Stephonee will play the top games as decided by the Wheel of Destiny (and your donations!).

Also, there will be a preview show on Saturday Sept 20th at 8pm Eastern, where a random assortment of games will be played to get this party started.  Maybe the games will be from the list, maybe they will be even more strange and awesome titles from our collected gaming libraries.  Tune in to find out!

As with last year’s marathon, 100% of everything U-Pick raises will directly fund water projects through charity:water.  When those projects are finished, charity: water will provide proof in pictures and GPS coordinates, so we can see the actual people and communities we impacted.

So be sure to check out the website for more details on the marathon, see which games are on top, and to view the profiles of the rest of the U-Pick Team.  You can also see various media from the games we have played on our Tumblr page.  Please consider donating to U-Pick and sharing the link with your friends (maybe over the Facebooks).  It’s for a great cause and you can watch a pile of oddball games played for 12 hours straight!  Win-win!

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