U-Pick Battle of the Birthdays: Mission Success

The latest U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity is officially over!  For 12+ hours, Grant and Stephonee played a pile of video games for a good cause.  They battled the angst-ridden undead in Buffy, struggled with mech controls in Steel Battalion, and groped the walls in Wolfenstein 3D.

After the dust settled (and the consoles were turned off), the Battle of the Birthdays raised over $2800 for charity: water.  That money will provide clean water sources to 81 people in the Sahel region of Mali and Niger.  The Sahel region is frequently affected by drought and famine, and access to clean water is rare.  It is amazing that the efforts of U-Pick and its supporters (along with charity: water) can make such a positive impact on the world through the joy of video games.

Many woots to Grant, Stephonee, and the rest of the U-Pick Crew!  Huge thanks to everyone who watched and donated!  Please stay tuned to the U-Pick website, Twitter, and Facebook page for future marathons for charity.  And remember, GAME FOR GOOD!


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One thought on “U-Pick Battle of the Birthdays: Mission Success

  1. […] was a wonderful time, during which we saw another successful U-Pick Marathon for Charity, an amazing documentary series on the history/impact of Japanese video game music, and I achieved […]

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