Frightening Friend Posts: Adventures in Doom 3

As a special treat for the final week before Halloween, some of our friends have graciously contributed spooky posts for your reading pleasure.  The next of these morsels comes from our own horror-movie aficionado, Allyson!  In spite of her exhaustive knowledge of frightening films, Allyson’s gaming preferences tend to lean away from the scary stuff.  Which is what made her first encounter with Doom 3 such a scream!


Go back to nearly a decade ago and jump into the shoes of a young video gamer girl in college. This gamer was safe, warm, and coddled in the land of RPG’s and cute games like Final Fantasy X, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Kirby’s Dreamland, and Mario Kart.  One day, this naïve gamer sits down with her friends at their college apartment. She is given a controller with no knowledge of the world she was about to be thrust into, no concept of survival horror or first person shooters.

Doom3BabiesI am sure that the general idea at the time was, “we serious gaming men need a break for sustenance, here…let’s see what you can do.” Starting D00M3 without any knowledge of shooters or how to defend myself was like a civilian being dropped into a war zone in enemy territory.  I was immediately immersed into a horrifying world of monsters, death, blood, darkness, guns, and chainsaws.  It was kill or be killed, and let’s face it; who wants to be killed by mutant freak babies?


When you first pick up a shooter/survival horror combo like D00M3 ,there is a sort of adrenaline rush.  You become very mindful of exits, pathways, your health, your flashlight, and your ammunition. The experience, while exhilarating, can be exhausting with all the tension you have built up while playing.  Your eyes are constantly searching through darkness for any movements, because one mistake could easily be your last step in this game.  If you are like me, you even forget to blink because you don’t want to risk missing anything.

Much to my delight (and terror), I adapted quickly and made it further than I think anyone anticipated, though literal tears were staining my cheeks from the lack of blinking.  My will to live got me to a door that my comrades had somehow missed on one level and I found a new weapon on a different floor that made victory a bit easier.  I clawed my way out of that tense hell-world and consider myself to be a better player because of one simple fact: I survived!

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