Some Recategorization

As with any turn of the seasons, GIMMGP Headquarters is abuzz with changing décor and reorganization abounding.  Light summer clothes are swapped out for sweaters, the crock pot is brought out for making stews/mulling cider, and all of the spooky bits from October are stored away for another year.  The same normally goes for the digital side of things; all of the Halloween posts slowly fall of our homepage, getting swept away like so many leaves on the ground.  For 2014, let’s mix things up a bit!


Instead of simply letting all of the great horror gaming articles get buried in the mix, we have created a new category for easy searching.  By clicking the, “Spooky October Posts,” link at the bottom of the GIMMGP homepage, all of the scary articles of past Halloweens will rise from their grave for your reading pleasure.

In addition to the spooky posts, all of our delightful list articles have been sorted into a new category.  The “Marvelous Lists” category contains great game suggestions, fantastic comic books, and more eclectic highlights, such as tarot in gaming and all of the glorious dinosaurs from the Super Nintendo era.

So as the weather grows colder and you warm yourself by the light of the computer screen, why not take a look at some great articles from the GIMMGP back catalogue?  After all, nothing warms the heart like adorable tanuki appearances in video games.

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One thought on “Some Recategorization

  1. Hatm0nster says:

    Yes! Long live horror game posts!

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