New Blog Announcement: Games From the Box

We live in a strange age of gaming overabundance.  Due to massive digital sales and the sharp devaluation of video games, many players own fewer played games than not.  It’s become an odd situation where folks will brag about the number of untouched titles in their Steam queue, often missing out on worthwhile games because of the paradox of choice.

I am guilty of this practice in my own way.  I will frequently borrow games offered by my friends, only to let the discs languish on my shelf while I continue to rack up hours in whatever my latest obsession happens to be.  Whenever someone I know happens to be parting with a pile of games due to seasonal cleaning or life downsizing, I will gladly scoop up the orphaned titles, thus adding to my backlog.  Such an instance occurred recently in my life, but instead of letting these potentially fun games lay by the wayside, I have decided to take some initiative.

Games From the Box is a new Tumblr blog I have launched to tackle the most recent additions to my collection.  It is about playing video games that were given to me by a good friend when he moved to a new place. These games span several consoles, handhelds, and genres. Most of them are complete with their original packaging and physical media.


Every two weeks will feature a single game: photos of the box, scans of the instruction manual, and some thoughts on the experience of play. I will be sure to include notes on the currently available means to enjoy each of these titles.  The blog will be updated with new images and/or text every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  The first post is live for your viewing pleasure, which details the humble origins of this project.

In preparing for Games From the Box, I have already enjoyed some games that were completely new to me.  Titles from a bygone era of games where experimental ideas were being tested on handheld technology.  I hope in sharing these games, you will be reminded of your own joyful moments of gaming’s past, and take the time to enjoy the titles sitting on your own shelves.  So please take a look at Games From the Box, and be sure to follow the blog for some great upcoming games.

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