2015 is the Year of Making Great Art

For several years, my wife has been working hard to produce excellent art in her free time.  She has squeezed every spare hour to make fine work, some of which she has made exclusively for the viewers of GIMMGP.  Now that the new year has begun, I am happy to announce that Laura is pursuing her artwork full time as a freelancer!


Specializing in concept art and illustration, Laura has launched a professional website where you can find some amazing pieces and read up on her big art series for 2015: The Tarot Project.  She also has several pieces available as prints through her Inprnt gallery.

What does this huge life change mean for Games I Made My Girlfriend Play?  After years of struggling to find time in between stressful jobs, we can finally stick to regular updates.  In other words, more posts and more awesome artwork for your viewing pleasure!


As always, thank you to all of our followers and regular readers for their support over the last three years.  Please be sure to check out Laura’s professional website and let’s all look forward to a new year of making happy gaming memories with our loved ones.

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One thought on “2015 is the Year of Making Great Art

  1. […] was a big year in creative accomplishments for us both at GIMMGP.  Laura became a full-time freelance artist, launching both her professional website and a print storefront on Inprnt.  I launched a new blog […]

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