A Crate Full of Fun

Over the course of a life, inanimate objects become imbued with greater meaning thanks to our sense memory.  With just a quick taste of potato chips, a person is transported through a lifetime of happy moments where junk food was in the periphery. This is not a unique phenomenon to a single individual- we all have our own components to joyful recollection.

As I have previously stated, most of the worthwhile moments in my life are punctuated by what game I was playing at the time.  When I decide to replay certain titles from my past, my mind is flooded with my personal history tied to these games. But it isn’t always the act of play that triggers these memories.  After all, each of the moments from my gaming life are also made up of other details.  So when I eat a certain food or hear a particular song, I am often reminded of the video games I enjoyed in tandem with these experiences.

Super Retro Crate

Recently, I was contacted by Man Crates; a company that specializes in crafting unique gift packages for men.  The team behind Man Crates understands that the joyful moments in life are made up of several ingredients.  Their products cover a wide gamut of gift themes, including fancy grilling equipment, high-end whiskey paraphernalia, and a box filled with exotic cured meats.  Each gift package is delivered in a small wooden crate, which is meant to be opened with an included mini-crowbar.  Even the act of opening your gift is meant to be a fun and memorable part of the experience.

Of the products offered by Man Crates, it’s no surprise that I am most interested in their Retro Gamer Crate.  This box comes filled with items to make for a nostalgic night of gaming fun.  There is a pair of random NES games, a Retro-Bit console with which to play them, and a pile of sugary treats to power the players for hours without end.

Retro Gamer Crate

While the contents of this package would make the perfect gift for many folks, Man Crates wanted to know just what tidbits that I would include in my own personal crate of gaming nostalgia.

Instead of focusing on the elements of a single happy gaming memory, I would much rather cherry-pick some prime choices across a lifetime spent playing.  For starters, I would select the Super Nintendo and its related games to be the focus of my own gift package.  This is my favorite console and features some of best games I have ever played.  To satisfy my dark cravings for food that is terrible for me, I would include Mountain Dew Game Fuel, Cool Ranch Doritos, and extra-buttery instant popcorn from my Halo-binging days.  I need a place to rest my weary-gamer bones, so let’s add a cozy Lovesac seat to the mix (I came to love this furniture during livestream sessions with the U-Pick Crew).  Finally, I know that I will need to relax after I burn through all the junk food in my system.  A pair of hyper-comfortable silk pants and a bottle of tasty bourbon would the perfect finish to night spent playing.

Whiskey Appreciation Crate

Looking over the items I would include in my personal retro gamer crate, I realize that my preferred gaming equipment and rations have changed frequently over time.  It seems like every few years means a shift to new games and different items on the sidelines.  But even as these changes occur, the happy memories linger over time; waiting for just the right combination of items to unlock a treasure trove of warm fuzzies.

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2 thoughts on “A Crate Full of Fun

  1. Jeremy Morris says:

    Two NES games “randomly selected from an assortment of time-honored, awesome games”… man this sounds awesome.

  2. Hatm0nster says:

    I like this company, they understand!

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