Mark Your Calendars: U-Pick IV Charity Marathon Begins in Two Days


The time is nearly upon us- the fourth U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity starts this Friday at 8pm EST!

During the 48-hour-long continuous livestream, we’ll play the video games you pick to raise money for charity:water, to bring clean water access to people who need it in the developing world. The donation page is here:

Starting the evening of June 12th and ending the evening of June 14th, we’ll play the games you choose when making a donation to our charity fundraiser. We’ll switch games each hour (on the hour), as determined by a spin on the Wheel of Destiny – a magical rotating device with all of the top games that have received donations.


Similar rules apply from previous years- donate, pick a game from this list: and leave the name of the game in your comment.  In the meantime, you can read some delightful reviews from the U-Pick Crew on the games from this year’s list, like Deadly Premonition, Steel Battalion, and Hyrule Beyblade Go Go Fight Yes!

We have increased our charity goal to $5000 this year, and we’ve already had over $1000 donated so far.  At this point, at least 34 people will get access to a renewable clean water source in Uganda. Please help us in achieving another successful marathon!

Remember, 100% of everything we raise will directly fund water projects in Uganda. And when those projects are finished, charity: water will send you proof in pictures and GPS coordinates, so you can see the actual people and communities you impacted.

So spread the word about U-Pick IV, donate, tune in, and as always, GAME FOR GOOD.


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