EarthBound – Threed, Zombie Central

In the past, I have bemoaned the overbearing presence of zombies in video games.  So many games that feature the living dead boil down to bland shooters with brooding plots about managing to survive in a ruined world.  If a game is going to use shambling corpses as a threat, then I want to see some interesting and innovative ways to deal with them, like using bottle rockets and fly paper to thwart the undead hordes.


When main characters Ness and Paula arrive in the third town of EarthBound (aptly named Threed), the heroes find the community is plagued by zombies.  The townsfolk are in a panic, huddled in makeshift tents for safety, desperately trying to come up with plans to deal with this menace.  Unlike the second town in the game (aptly named Twoson), Threed is shrouded in darkness and ghouls roam the streets.  The soundtrack matches the grim state of emergency:

Composers Keiichi Suzuki, Hiroshi Kanazu, and Hirokazu Tanaka make great use of sound effects to heighten the mood of this track.  The noise of warning sirens is a solid compliment to the otherworldly tones of the song, making the player’s time in Threed even more ominous.

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