Mega Man 7 – Shade Man’s Theme

While Mega Man 7 is not my favorite game from this beloved series, it does feature my favorite elements from the Mega Man world.  It has a level filled with robotic dinosaurs, a hidden fighting game mode, and a giant pumpkin for a mid-boss.  This game also features my favorite robot master of the entire series, Shade Man.


After six installments where I had to settle for dopey Bubble Bat as my preferred mechanical menace, Mega Man 7 finally delivered a robot who could inspire an entire stage of horror trappings. As an awesome robotic vampire (SHHH! I know how silly it sounds), Shade Man had to have an appropriately spooky level to match.  His stage (aptly named Horror Fortress) is a gothic castle filled with mechanical terrors made to resemble zombies, werewolves, and haunted suits of armor.  The theme of the Horror Fortress is also quite spooky.

The opening of the song starts with rising tones, meant to match the full moon’s rise at the start of the stage.  These tones give way to a rolling melody that sits comfortably in the Mega Man musical tradition.

Composers Yuko Takehara, Toshihiko Horiyama, and Makoto Tomozawa also hid a bonus song in Shade Man’s stage; a classic track from one of Capcom’s spookier series:

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