Final Fantasy VI – Phantom Forest

The music of the Final Fantasy series covers a wide range of emotions and scenarios.  Each game has a variety of themes to suit epic battles, soulful departures, and boundless exploration.  Some of the strongest melodies composed by Nobuo Uematsu are the ethereal tunes that match mysterious settings like the Phantom Forest.

As one would expect, the Phantom Forest is filled with all manner of spirits.  Many of these spectres are vengeful creatures, bent on attacking the player through random battles.  But some of these ghosts are merely waiting for the arrival of the Phantom Train to take them to their eternal resting place.


The song mirrors the experience of each otherworldly encounter, using haunting sound samples to create a comforting and delicate melody.  For a great cover of this track, along with several other wonderful acoustic renditions of Final Fantasy music, be sure to check out the music of Eiko Ishiwata Nichols.

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