Pokémon Red and Blue – Lavender Town

Sometimes, the legends behind a piece of spooky media are scarier than the media itself.  That is certainly the case with the theme for Lavender Town.

Within the world of Pokémon, Lavender Town is home to the main gravesite for departed Pokémon.  There is a seven-story tower located in the town that serves as a mausoleum for hundreds of deceased creatures.  Many of the people present in this town are visiting to pay respects to their fallen Pokémon, so there is an ever-present air of melancholy.  Outside of the mourners, there are also aggressive Ghost-type Pokémon that will attack the player as he/she travels through the tower.  Composed by Junichi Masuda, the theme for Lavender Town reinforces the gloomy atmosphere of the area, with a lilting melody and haunting sound effects.


In the real world, a very creepy urban legend has grown from this off-putting tune.  This track contains high-pitched sounds that are outside the typical adult hearing range, but still within the typical child hearing range.  This fact led to stories of Japanese children being driven to fatally harm themselves when hearing the Lavender Town theme.  Tales of children being driven mad and clawing at their faces have made their way across the internet, giving this song an even darker reputation.

While none of these stories have been verified, the legend of the Lavender Town theme persists as a particularly creepy tale of video game music.

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2 thoughts on “Pokémon Red and Blue – Lavender Town

  1. […] Pokemon Red and Blue – Lavender Town: In an expected case of serendipity GIMMGP has created a post about a track that made my scary soundtracks – in a more detailed way he explains why this song has inspired stories that are scarier than the track! A good, good read! […]

  2. Lavender Town freaked me out as a kid, and upon hearing about those binaural sounds I was even more freaked out as an adult.

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