Super Mario Kart – Ghost Valley

It must be difficult to take a well-loved song and present it for new technology.  This was the task given to composer Soyo Oka with the release of Super Mario All-Stars.  At only 29 years of age, she was expected to take the iconic themes written for the Super Mario Bros. series by Koji Kondo and arrange new versions to match the upgraded technology of the Super Nintendo.


While this task seems daunting, Soyo Oka already had some experience at taking music composed by Koji Kondo and arranging it for new games, such as the Ghost House Theme from Super Mario World, which was repurposed for Super Mario Kart.

By extending the haunting tones and speeding up the tempo, Soyo Oka managed to turn an already foreboding track into a creepy theme that compels players to drive as fast as they possibly can.

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