The Simpsons Arcade Game – Springfield Discount Cemetery

The soundtracks for arcade games are often overlooked by the playing public.  This lack of appreciation isn’t necessarily due to the quality of the music, so much as it is due to the ambient noise of the arcade itself.  When I was a kid playing beat-em’ ups at Chuck E. Cheese, my ears were overwhelmed with the sound of chattering children playing on other machines.  I hardly ever had the chance to enjoy the music of machines like The Simpsons Arcade Game in their original environments.


Fortunately, the eventual release of many arcade classics to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade meant I got to clearly hear the sounds of the Springfield Discount Cemetery.

Just like a great Treehouse of Horror episode, this track is a delightful blend of goofy and spooky.  The schlocky sound effects keep the mood lighthearted, while the harrowing melody makes sure players stay on their toes.  This track was composed by Norio Hanzawa, who got his start making music for Konami titles like Quarth and Castlevania: The Adventure.  He was one of many Konami alums who went on to found the development company Treasure, where he composed soundtracks for beloved games like Gunstar Heroes, Mischief Makers, and Dynamite Headdy.  That’s quite a resume!

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