Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Dance of Pales

It’s no secret that I love Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.  This was the first title I bought for the Sony PlayStation, which was the first console I purchased using my own money.  The game was everything I could have asked for at its release: an action-adventure platformer with RPG elements, featuring a gothic/baroque aesthetic, and starring a moody half-vampire pretty boy as the protagonist.


The music from Symphony of the Night also holds a special place in my heart.  The soundtrack is an impressive collection of 32 songs that cover a wide variety of musical genres.  Hard rock ballads like, “Prologue” and “The Tragic Prince,” sit comfortably beside the new age beats of, “Crystal Teardrops” and “Rainbow Cemetery.”  Composer Michiru Yamane did an amazing job of evoking specific moods with each piece, which further enhance the atmosphere of every area in the game.

Of all these tracks, my favorite is easily Dance of Pales:

This fantastic tune plays in an section of the castle known as Olrox’s Quarters.  As the name would imply, this area is home to Count Olrox, another vampire antagonist who is one of the main bosses in Symphony of the Night.  The elegant and haunting piano melody is a great match to Olrox’s Quarters- a mix of ornately decorated hallways and dark medieval dungeons.

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