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Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Evening of the Undead

There is a joy to be found in uncovering mysteries about beloved music.  Interviews with composers and songwriters can reveal new information on long-enjoyed tracks, such as the meaning of lyrics or the creation of certain melodies.  In my research for today’s spooky track, my mind was blown to discover the truth behind the guttural moans featured in Evening of the Undead.

For years, my brother and I assumed the sound effect that pops up again and again in this song were meant to be the groaning of undead horrors, making their way through suburbia.  With the amount of monsters present in Zombies Ate My Neighbors, this theory made sense to us.  But as I read details from composer Joe McDermott, I learned that this seemingly incoherent uttering is actually a voice sample, asking the question, “Is there anyone outside?”


So the sound I assumed was the zombies trying to find their latest prey was actually the victims themselves, looking for other survivors.  Mystery solved.

For a great cover of this track (along with many other fantastic spooky game music covers), be sure to check out the album Songs for the Recently Deceased by The OneUps.

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