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After weeks of gorging on spooky video games and consuming mass quantities of Autumnal foods, the day is finally here- Halloween has arrived!  Of course, our favorite time of year wouldn’t be complete without a video game themed jack o’ lantern haunting our doorstep.

This year, Laura and I have chosen an upcoming title for which we are particularly excited as the subject of our pumpkin carving.  As a special treat, we thought a look back at the Ghosts of Pumpkins Past™ would make for a frighteningly fun addition to the usual festivities.  So please enjoy GIMMGP’s Gallery of Gourds, and as with every year, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

2012: Pokemon Pumpkins- Gengar and Pikachu


2013: Pokemon Pumpkins – Axew and Wobbuffet


2014: Gaming Pumpkins – Bayonetta 2 Panther/Snake and Shy Guy


2016: Gaming Pumpkin – Persona 5’s Morgana


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GIMMGP Jack o’ Lanterns

With just a few more days until All Hallows Eve (and our first free weekend in ages), we here at GIMMGP decided to carve up the pumpkins we had been saving.  After hours and hours (read: less than 20 minutes) of scouring the Internet for appropriate templates to etch into gourds, Laura and I gave up on following the pack and decided to blaze our own trail!  Into my pumpkin, I chiseled my favorite ghost, Gengar, while Laura carved the adorable Pikachu into hers.  We now proudly present our Pokemon Jack o’ Lanterns:

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Pokemon Black/White Journal

Much earlier this year, Pokemon Black/White came out for the Nintendo DS.  I tried to resist the seductive call of the Pocket Monsters, but I eventually succumed to their wiles.  Wow, that sentence sounds a lot worse out loud.


ANYWAY, I bought a copy of Pokemon Black (as my friend bought the White version, and I believe in equal opportunity among video games) and started a new game.  As I set out to be the very best, like no one ever was, I decided to keep a little journal of my playtime. I did this for no other reason than to document interesting things I came across in the Unova region (read: I was bored).  So here it is, never before published, my Pokemon Black diary!


Day 1 (4/13/2011)
-Got my starter Pokemon, met Team Plasma, and won my first Gym Badge all in the same day? Damn, these Unova trainers don’t mess around.
-Ya know, I am amazed how late these Pokemon Gyms stay open. I mean, I guess the Striaton City Gym is also a theme restaurant, but still, it’s nearly 2AM! Shouldn’t last call have happened by now?
-Sigh, there is always some stupid rat/squirrel/Bidoof type creature that is just an infestation at the start of the game. I get it, these are common animals and would be scattered throughout the world, but these little guys are still a waste of time when there are FREAKING DRAGONS TO CATCH!

Pokemon6Day 2(4/14/2011)
-Just realized that you NEVER have a father in any of these games. Kinda sad. I wonder if the main developer of Pokemon never knew his dad.
-Team Plasma actually makes a bit of sense. I mean, the average Pokemon Trainer goes out to the woods, beats an animal to a near unconcious state, confines it to a small ball-shaped prison, and then forces it to fight other wild animals. Pretty morbid when you think about it. Maybe I will take a look at some Team Plasma literature.
-A lady gym leader, who is part of an interracial couple!? Well done, Pokemon Black/White! Wait a minute… now the title makes sense.

Pokemon2Day 3(4/17/2011)
-The Nintendo DS was definitely invented to be played on public transportation. I was just riding the Metro and had two kids watching me play from the seat behind me, talking about which Pokemon would win in a fight. Fantastic.
-Where do the Pokemon who wear clothes or carry items get this stuff? Does Throh just come out of the womb/egg/Pokeball with a judo gi on?
-I am floored by the layout of the artificial New York in this game. When I first saw a “dynamic new perspective” advertised, it didn’t seem like a big deal. I definitely get it now.


Day 7 (5/5/2011)
-It is so satisfying to reach a gym where your star Pokemon have a tactical advantage. These Ice Types are a joke against my Fighters.
-How can a bear that uses its snot as a weapon be so damn cute?
-I seem to be getting a ton of evolution stones, but I have yet to find a need for any of them. Why did these rocks seem so rare in good ol’ Pokemon Red?
-Hmm, maybe the random old guy who keeps giving me bottled water and advice at each Pokemon Gym is my father. That sounds exactly like something my Dad in RL(real life) would do.

Pokemon9 Day 8(5/8/2011)
-A tower that serves as a mausoleum for dead Pokemon seems really depressing for a game that kids could play. And I thought Pokemon never died! They just faint when you win/lose a fight. Does that mean the Pokemon who are laid to rest here are buried alive? Pretty sick stuff, Nintendo.
-Okay, if there are Ghost-type Pokemon chilling out in a place where the spirits of dead Pokemon reside, I wonder; are these the ghosts of old Pokemon, or just creatures that are similar to ghosts, and thus want to hang out at a graveyard (much like goth kids at a Hot Topic)? For example: Would a dead Pikachu come back as a spirit Pikachu, or just a Gastly? Hmm…worth investigating.


And I guess that is where I stopped. For the record, I never beat the game, as I kept a team of Ghost-type and Fighting-type Pokemon, and the Elite Four Trainers at the end of the game kept Pokemon who were strong against BOTH of the types of creatures I held. I guess I should have focused less on testing myself by catching Pokemon, and made training my team more of a cause.

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Adventure Time

So, I know we said it would be a month of Horror stuff, and it is only the sixth day in the month, but I just had to share this.  Apparently, one of the artists for Adventure Time (Natasha Allegri) worked on a little cartoon with the creator, Pendleton Ward, and she posted it on her blog.  It is about Pokemon and farting.  Truly fantastic.

Don’t worry, I promise I will also post a Horror thing later today as well.

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