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Zine Incoming! Issue Two of Component Is Now Available

Earlier last year, Chip released a video game zine called Component that featured essays and artwork from talented artists and writers.  The first issue was filled with stories about the contributors’ most cherished games, featuring titles like Mega Man 2, Spyro the Dragon, and Okami.  Now, we are happy to announce that the second issue of Component is available for your reading pleasure!


Issue Two focuses on role-playing games.  While each player has different tastes and favorites when it comes to this genre, we have all found ourselves caught up in these adventures. RPGs provide strong narratives and complex systems in which we can become immersed and play a character in a totally different world.  At the same time in our own reality, these games help us forge lasting friendships and uncover fascinating truths about our own personalities.

Games highlighted in articles and artwork of Issue Two include Dungeons & Dragons, Super Mario RPG, Fallout 2, Xenogears, Final Fantasy VIII, Legend of Dragoon, Shadow Hearts, Fable II, Skyrim, Dragon’s Dogma, Bravely Default, and Yo-kai Watch.

Just like Issue One, the latest issue of Component is available as a print-on-demand magazine and as an instant PDF through MagCloud .  The editor and contributors of Component thoroughly believe in gaming for good causes, so 100% of the profits from Component will be donated to charity:water to fund clean water projects in the developing world.

Thanks for reading and please be sure to check out Component for all sorts of gaming goodness!


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GIMMGP Werewolves 2: Wolf Harder

Back in 2012, Chip took on the dark task of compiling a list of video games that feature werewolves as playable characters.  He did this for his wife, who was practically howling at the moon for the chance to play as a lead lycanthrope.  The games from this list sated her appetite… for a time.

Now that October is upon us once again (and Laura has grown tired of her werewolf husband in Skyrim), Chip has unearthed even more games with howling heroes.  Here’s hoping that this list will keep the beast of boredom at bay…


Like so many spooky sequels, this list starts similarly to its predecessor- with a video game about mythological creatures punching each other in the face.  Mutant Fighter is an arcade title from Data East that features various heroes and monsters in an arena-based fighting game.  Players have the option of demi-human characters, like the Amazoness or Hercules, or beastly brawlers, like the Minotaur or Golem.  One of these fearsome fighters is a golden werewolf who uses a spinning pile-driver for a special move.


While we may have missed out on a proper Teen Wolf sports game featuring Michael J. Fox, at least Sega released Basketball Nightmare for the Master System.  The game’s protagonist, captain of a local basketball team, starts having strange dreams about playing against supernatural opponents.  The monstrous adversaries include teams of vampires, ghostly samurai, and an adorable group of pink werewolves.


When Contra made its debut on Sega consoles with Hard Corps, developer Konami made a few changes to the classic action series.  A slide technique was included to the character movements, branching paths were introduced to the storyline, and a cybernetic-freaking-werewolf was added to the list of playable characters.  Known as Brad Fang, this wolfen soldier defeats enemies with a psychic cannon and powerful robotic punch.  He also wears sunglasses all the time, which is totally badass.


As noted by good friend and faithful reader Christian in the last GIMMGP Werewolves article, the Druid class in Diablo 2 has a skill tree completed dedicated to lycanthropy.  Since the release of this PC gaming classic, many players have shared walkthroughs to craft character builds that make for ultimate werewolf playthroughs.  Chip’s favorite of these builds- FURY WEREWOLF.


Laura’s latest television obsession has been the British series Wolfblood.  The show centers around teenager Maddy Smith and her family, all of whom can transform into wolves.  Known as wolfbloods, the Smith family hides among humans in the small British town of Stoneybridge.  The main plot of the series is a mix of high school life and supernatural drama, often focusing on Maddy and her family trying to keep their wolfblood nature a secret, despite numerous forces working against them.  The show is well-made and in spite of some clichéd young adult story elements, Wolfblood is a series worth watching.  A mobile game tie-in called Shadow Runners has been released on iPad and Android devices.  Players take control of wolfblood characters from the television series in runner-style gameplay.


High-caliber military gunplay and the ability to morph into ravenous, bloodthirsty werewolves- together at last!  Wolf Team is an online first-person shooter that allows players to swap between human and werewolf forms at any time during battles.  The game features several FPS gameplay mode mainstays, such as Conquest, Destruction, and Deathmatch, but the added spice of playing as a werewolf soldier mixes up the usual shooter formula.


Fables is a fantastic series that takes the fairy tales and nursery rhymes from our childhood and brings them into a modern age.  It has such an interesting concept: imagine that all of these magical characters and creatures are real, and they have been living in exile from their homelands for centuries, hidden by magic around our world.  The majority of these characters reside in New York, living in a small community run by the mayor Old King Cole and deputy mayor Snow White.  Nearly every children’s story has representation in this Fabletown, and they are policed by a single sheriff: the not-so-subtly named Bigby Wolf.  It is this gruff lycanthrope who is the main character in Telltale Games modern adventure title, The Wolf Among Us.


Of all the games that Chip has found with werewolf protagonists, the clear winner for Laura’s new lycanthropic leisure will likely be Blood of the Werewolf.  This game features action platforming gameplay, a colorfully spooky art style, and a badass werewolf woman as the protagonist.  Pretty much the perfect formula for an evening in while waiting for the moon to rise.

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Laura’s Picks of 2012

date07As we continue our journey through the  days of 2012, let’s take a look at Laura’s favorite games from the past year.  Just remember: not all of these games were released in 2012, but my better half began each title in the previous year.  Again, if you have an issue with this, please make a formal complaint to the GIMMGP HR Department, and someone will gladly tell you to chill out.

SkyrimLockeSkyrim:Dawnguard: Skyrim might not have been the best game I played all year, but it was by far the one I played the most. I suppose I was a bit late to the party, since I started my game roughly six months after the initial release. Chip had been playing fairly regularly, but once Dawnguard was released, Skyrim became my game. I assume Chip has since taken up knitting to occupy the hours he is not allowed to use his Xbox, because I have usurped it, but who knows. Once I learned that I could creepily hit on my sassy vampire companion AND have an unsettling, mouth-breathing hellhound, it was love. Plain and simple.

Outland_HeroOutland: My poor PS3 was so neglected until this year. This was the first game for which I have actively purchased a points card on my own. It was mentioned on one of the Extra Credit’s “Games You May Have Missed” segments. I didn’t even listen to the review. One look at the game and I was already in love with it. The entire look and feel of the game is breathtaking. It is one of the few games I have ever played that radiates a sense of serenity. Each aspect of the game, from the controls to the music to the art style, emotes the mystic. Every time I scroll over it in my Games Folder, I am stricken with an intense desire to revisit it, just so I can relive that sense of wonder.

Jack-LumberJack Lumber: I admit I am a total sucker for game companies with fun names.  So Owlchemy Labs was guaranteed my business. This iOS game was one I played at PAX East this year, or maybe last year, I can’t recall. They all kind of blur together at this this point. This game, however, stuck in my mind long enough that I actually remembered to buy it the week it was released. The story is fun: You’re a lumberjack seeking revenge after an evil tree kills your grandmother. The game is simple: Swipe through the logs to cut them, don’t hit the animals. So if you harbor any serious arboreal grudges, this might be the game for you.

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A Night of Song with Lindsey Stirling

[Laura] One blessing the Internet has bestowed upon the world is that our musical preferences are no longer limited to the paltry selection of songs we hear on the radio. Chip and I probably haven’t listened to an actual radio station in years, and quite frankly, I don’t miss it. There’s just something about hearing more commercials than actual music, while the same 12 songs (that you don’t actually like but are willing to tolerate) play in a daily loop. It’s no wonder that radio has become the last desperate resort if there is no signal for Pandora, and we have exhausted every audiobook/CD/MP3 in the car, and Chip has run out of songs to sing. For those desperate moments when we would otherwise be forced to engage in…you know… actual conversation…

[Chip] For some time now, I have been told that I am an old soul. I took this as a compliment, until I realized that it simply meant that I do not know what is hip. Fortunately, I have Laura who will scour the Internet and keep me up to date on what is “trending.” This relationship is especially helpful when it comes to expanding my musical library. Laura will play a song or show me a video, we will both geek out about the music, and thus a new favorite is born. So when my better half showed me epic videos of a spritely young woman playing violin covers of video game music, I was sold on a new artist and (sure enough), we went to see Lindsey Stirling in concert.

The DC Metro can be a long and harrowing (read: boring) ride from GIMMGP Headquarters into the city.  To combat this monotony, Laura and I will often play a portable game of some sort to entertain us.  Here are a pair of musical game suggestions for a couple on a train, desperately trying to pass the time.

When going to see a concert, a solid choice is Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm. I know what you are thinking, “But Chip, my sig other did not play Final Fantasy growing up, so how could he/she even like this odd game?” First thing to remember is that nostalgia is not necessary to appreciate good music, of which Theatrhythm has a great supply (70 songs!). Additionally, your partner has the opportunity to play a fun and engaging rhythm game with cute characters and storybook art. Besides, picture how adorable this would be: you and your partner, seated side by side on the Metro, each of you sharing headphones with a single earbud, passing your Nintendo 3DS back and forth. You will the envy (and possible nausea) of every passenger on the train.

Or you could play Symphonica on your iPad.  It is pretty much like Theatrhythm, but with classical music and cute anime boys.  Plus, the first three episodes are free, so check it out.

While Chip and I don’t always agree with the majority of each other’s musical taste, there are occasional points of intersection on the Venn diagram of our love. Lindsey Stirling happens to be one. So when she announced her tour dates, Chip and I purchased tickets the first day, mainly because we’re very punctual, not because we expected them to sell out. However, they did sell out. I can’t say how quickly, but it fills my heart to bursting that they did. Close to 400 people from all walks and phases of life came from all over the DC area to see this talented little pixie play her violin.

Many of the concerts I have attended in the past have brought me to expect three things from most venues: overpriced greasy food, expensive “cheap” beer, and disgusting bathrooms. The Hamilton defied all expectations by featuring none of these terrible things. The concert hall is part of a larger (and quite fancy) restaurant, with a diverse menu that won’t break your piggy bank. Laura opted for a healthy option in the form of a spicy tuna roll, while I indulged a personal favorite of mine and ordered a giant plate of potato chips; covered in cheese, green onions, and bacon. Before you judge me harshly, please understand that these were freshly made potato chips, and I have a weakness for homemade starchy snacks (and really, who doesn’t?).

The venue was spectacular. Easily the nicest concert hall Chip and I had ever been to. Even Lindsey confided to me before the show that she wasn’t used to playing in such upscale places. (Please enjoy how I talk about Lindsey Stirling like we know each other even though I simply paid extra money to stand at the end of a very long line to meet her…. She’s fantastic, I would happily be her significantly less talented friend). After seeing Miss Sterling perform, one thing is very clear: Chip and I will certainly chain all of our future children to violins. At least the ones that don’t want to be Olympic gymnasts or mad scientists. But we are not complete monsters. They will of course have some measure of freedom: to choose how Chip and I will live vicariously through them.

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Earlier this month (and several times throughout the year), Laura lamented to me about the lack of video games where she can play as a werewolf.  I had hoped that the release of the Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim would provide her with countless hours of bounding through moonlit nights and howling at the moon.  Instead, my better half decided to become a Vampire Lord and terrorize the citizens of Tamriel with her insatiable bloodlust.  And so, with the spooky atmosphere of Halloween guiding my gnarled talons, I have decided to compile a list of video games where my beloved can indulge her lycanthropic fantasies.


Let’s begin our wolfen journey with an old favorite of mine: Altered Beast.  In this classic Sega title, our hero, a fallen Roman soldier, is risen from his grave by Zeus and ordered to rescue the deity’s daughter from certain peril.  To equip the undead hero for battle, Zeus grants him the ability to collect spirit orbs and transform into man-beast hybrids.  The first and last of these transformations turns the centurion into a majestic werewolf, who can throw fireballs and perform a flaming jump kick right through his enemies.  Totally awesome.


Back in the days of the NES, most games did not require elaborate stories, or a plot that actually makes sense.  Werewolf: The Last Warrior is a prime example of this sort of title.  On the second intergalactic colony of Earth (aptly named “Red Earth”), the player takes control of a man named Ken, who utilizes his ability to become a werewolf (named Warwolf) to defeat the nefarious Dr. Faryan and his band of supermutants.  Even more strange than the plot of this game is the fact that in some screenshots, the hero has normal arms, while in others, he has massive blades for appendages.


Most titles that feature a lycanthropy mechanic provide power-ups to induce transformation or just start the player in wolfen form.  Wolf Child introduced an interesting twist to the traditional methods: the main character would only transform into a wolfman when the player had boosted his health to a certain point.  For more on this interesting title, be sure to check out the game designer’s blog for details.


Growing up, my family did not own a Sega Genesis, so I missed out on great games like Shining Force.  According to my friends (who all adore this series), one of the best warriors in the game is a werewolf named Zylo.  I guess Laura and I will have to play Shining Force, one of these days…


When Laura and I started this blog, one of the games I wanted to share with her was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.  I figured that Alucard’s ability to turn into a wolf would be one of the main selling points of this title.  After realizing that his wolfen form is very weak until much later in the game, Laura was rather unimpressed by this shapeshifter.  But she did love his little scabbard and belt.


Darkstalkers was the first series that Laura and I mutually geeked out about.  Each of us have fond memories playing this horror-inspired fighting game.  I would regularly play as the lovable ghost girl Hsien-Ko, while Laura would take on the role of the werewolf martial artist, Jon Talbain.  One thing I always wondered: why does a werewolf need to battle with nunchuks?


Killer Instinct is a cartridge that still makes the rounds in my family’s Super Nintendo.  My brother and I had many an epic battle between the lycanthrope Sabrewulf and the animated skeleton Spinal.  But, as it goes with fighting games, the balance of power shifted, and now Cory is the master of the Ultratech tournament.

werewolfroar In a fighting game about soldiers who can transform into animals, you can pretty much count on a werewolf character being included in the roster.  Bloody Roar featured Yugo Ogami as the resident werewolf protagonist, who is trying to uncover the circumstances behind his father’s mysterious death.


Despite my absolute devotion and love for Guilty Gear, I could never seem to get into its spiritual successor, Blazblue.  You would think that the inclusion of a very detailed training system, along with a playable werewolf character (Valkenhayn R. Hellsing) would guarantee that Laura and I would pick up this game, but somehow, we still have not purchased it.


When Castlevania 64 was first previewed, it featured four playable characters, but in order to release at a “reasonable” date, two of the characters (along with several levels) were cut from the game.  Later, Konami would release Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, which cast the once-cut werewolf Cornell as the main character and included many of the features that were previously removed.  I guess even game developers need a do-over sometimes.


On the once peaceful shores of Lake Jansenia, the bodies of young maidens have been found slashed and torn to pieces by wild dogs.  As the player investigates the area, the governor Sirius challenges the hero to a battle at his mansion at night.  Sure enough, the governor is the werewolf behind all the attacks, and any of the player’s soldiers who are bitten by the madman receive the curse of lycanthropy.  And that is how you make werewolf troops in the SNES classic Ogre Battle!


So let me get this straight: in A Link to the Past, the Hylian hero turns into a defenseless pink bunny when he passes into the Dark World.  But in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link transforms into an awesome wolf when he is pulled into the Twilight Realm.  Hmm, I suppose bounding through the game world as a wolfen hero is much cooler than hopping along as a fluffy bunny.

werewolfsonicNot all heroes become stronger when they become werewolves.  Just look at Sonic the Hedgehog.  In Sonic Unleashed, Sega’s speedy blue mascot transforms into the werehog, which slows him down and makes his arms all stretchy.  Similarly, Sonic Unleashed transformed a once great game series into a pile of crap.

Well, that about covers it.  I have included nearly every game that features a werewolf protagonist.  What’s that?  You say I am missing a massive title from this list?  Well, I certainly would not leave a game off of the list just because I am worried that if Laura started playing it, she would never stop…


Alright, you figured it out.  Not only does World of Warcraft: Cataclysm provide the player an opportunity to take control of a Worgen warrior, but you can also dress up your werewolf character in a fancy top hat.  So please, don’t let Laura know, or we will never get anything done around here.

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Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Released: Bethesda Games, November 11, 2011
System: Xbox360
Game started: December 25th, 2011
Amount completed: (Chip) Level 25 Harbinger of the Companions, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, just fought Alduin, and now I suppose I have to catch a dragon in Whiterun. (Laura) Level 17 Kitty-Cat Vampire Lord, running around with a topless elf dude.

Chip’s Thoughts

In the past, when I would play a game with a character creation system, I inevitably made a virtual copy of myself as which to play.  Whether I traversed the ruined cities in the Capital Wasteland or repaired the world as a Sentinel of the Starry Sky, I always tried to imagine what decisions I would make in every game situation.  However, as Laura and I began our quest into the world of Skyrim, we decided to take a different approach to character creation for this title: we would make our virtual children and send them off into battle.

For my game, I created our daughter, the headstrong Wood Elf, Zoe, while Laura produced our reckless Khajit son, Locke.  How does a couple make an elf child and a cat child, you ask?  What can I say, genetics are a tricky business (my grandfather was a Khajit warrior, while Laura’s mother is a powerful Wood Elf tracker, duh).  With our children born and raised from the outset of the game (thanks, Bethesda!), we gave them a bit of money for the horse carriage, and sent them off into the world.  What sort of advice would Laura and I impart unto our brood as they sought to fufill their destiny as Dovahkhiin(s)?

The first advice I gave our daughter as I pushed her out the door with the family helmet was a classic line every parent feeds their child: ‘You can be anything, as long as you put your mind to it.’  I was surprised when she took me at my word quite literally, and became the Harbinger of the Companions, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, a servant of several Daedric Lords, and a werewolf, too!  One would think being a member of so many guilds and noble houses would fill up a schedule rather quickly, but it seems that there is no pressure to finish any request with urgency in Skyrim.  Zoe has several contracts and jobs that are well beyond their prime, but no one seems to take issue with poor punctuality anymore.  Sigh, the youth of today have no scruples.

As I am getting on in years, I find that making lists and notes to remind myself of tasks is important.  That is why I would tell Zoe to take a page from her brother’s book, and save her progress often.  So many letters to home from my daughter have some complaint of losing hours and hours of work due to her forgetting to save.  You would think that Skyrim would have a robust auto-save system to deal with this problem.  I know that most games seem to autosave with the frequency of a hummingbird’s wing-flap, but only saving at major doorways is a bit ridiculous when exploring a massive dungeon.  It would be nice to at least have a quicksave button, instead of paging through three menus to perform a hard save.  But a moment’s preparation can save hours of lost time, so I hope Zoe can learn to save more often, even if it is an inconvenience (and breaks immersion, hard).

When I was young, my father taught me the importance of proper manners and ettiquette when meeting new people.  That being said, I would warn Zoe not to be put off by the vacant, sometimes dead stares of the citizens of Skyrim.  True, their expressions are better than the denizens of Tamriel, but one can still be unnerved when the eyes of a new friend pierce into your very soul.  Also, I have noticed that the local militia all seem to have a similar dialect and vocal inflection.  While I am sure they must come from a very large family with a pride for defending their homes, such a relation doesn’t explain how they all seem to suffer from the same war wound of an arrow to the knee.

Finally, I would tell my daughter to always appreciate the blessings of having steady work.  Sure you have to kill every majestic dragon you encounter, but at least you get to hear a fantastic theme song every time you murder a graceful mythic beast.  I know you would rather make peace with the dragons, and try to make the world a better place with their ancient knowledge and power, but you simply do not have that option (unless you download a mod, I suppose).  Back in my day, we used to be lucky to even see a dragon, much less get paid to slay them, so I don’t want to hear your complaints, young lady!

Good luck, my darling girl, and remember what your grandmother used to say, “Always check for traps, pookie!”

Laura’s Thoughts

I have now officially quit playing Skyrim about 7 times, I think. Each time I get frustrated,  put the controller down, saying that the game is too hard or I’m an adult, I don’t have time for this. I have more important activities to attend to, like yoga, or cleaning, or pinning things to my various Pinterest boards. Then I dramatically vow to never play it again. But low and behold, the next week ( j/k, j/k the next day), there I am again, controller in hand, trotting along.

Despite how little I normally play games, this is the sort of game I love. A big, open, fantasy world with lots to explore and many adventures to have at my leisure. And most importantly, I can have a dog. However, when I watch Chip playing this game, it occurs to me that we approach this type of game in very different ways.

Chip will kill things without thought or discrimination, while I will try to sleep with everyone without thought or discrimination. Our amorality is quite polarized in this way. This is why Skyrim is more suited to Chip than it is to me. I can’t rampantly seduce in the same way that Chip can rampantly slaughter. It is my only real complaint about the game (also I would rather be friends with dragons rather than slay them). So while Chip’s needs are met by the Dark Brotherhood, I have to make due by refusing to allow any of my questing companions to wear clothing. So poor Faendal gets to scale the mountains of Skyrim in little more than a loin cloth.   

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Medieval Times, er, Night


[Chip] On most days, when I am finished with my 9-to-5 job, I like to break free of the office and go out for drinks and general debauchery.  What better way to forget a crumby work day than to be outside and consume several adult beverages?  But sometimes, even a faux-Mexican themed restaurant with two-dollar cervezas can’t cheer me up; sometimes, I just want to go home and relax.  On these nights, Laura and I are faced with a decision: order food to be delivered to our apartment (read: total sloth), or actually make a new recipe and have a Stay-at-Home Date Night.  This week, we chose the latter, mainly due to the discovery of pre-smoked turkey legs at our local Whole Foods.


[Laura] I am a very lazy cook. It’s true. I don’t deny it. I am happy to throw something in the oven to cook for hours while I do something else. I think this makes me an efficient multi-tasker. (Yes. That’s it.) This is actually a common Friday Night Date for us. Smoked turkey legs make a simple dinner, however it does take around 2 hours to prepare. So when you get home from work, just toss everything in the oven and in a couple of hours, you will have one of the most delicious reasons to never become a vegetarian. And while you are waiting, enjoy a beer or two. It’s good to get all the hedonism out at once before the next day’s self-recrimination and the inevitable march to the treadmill.

Allow me to share a dietary preference with you: I don’t care for turkey, not even at Thanksgiving.  It is a dry meat, with little to offer in the way of diverse or satisfying taste, and thanks to constantly being paired with stuffing and gravy, turkey seems to have very few recipe options.  In fact, before I attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival, I thought I had eaten turkey in all of its forms (which are: on a sandwich, doused with gravy, and hidden under mashed potatoes).  As I wandered around the woods in Crownsville, I noticed fair-goers carrying gigantic legs of smoked meat, much like the food I saw in films with dragons (and video games with vampires).  I inquired as to the mystery meat’s identity, and discovered it was none other than my old nemesis, turkey.  I figured I would give the bird a taste, one more chance to prove itself.  By smoking the meat, the turkey acquires a whole new savory dynamic, and the aesthetic of ripping the flesh from a giant animal leg appeals to my Germanic heritage quite nicely.


Smoked Turkey Legs

There are a number of recipes for smoked turkey legs. However, we simply buy them pre-packaged because we are lazy practical.

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F.
Place two pre-packaged turkey legs in a baking dish with enough water to submerge the turkey half-way.
Cover with foil.
Bake for an hour. Flip them. Bake for another hour.

Olive oil Roasted Potatoes
We normally throw these in the oven above the turkey legs. While they cook they absorb a lot of the smoky flavor of the turkey. Really, you can’t beat meat-flavored veggies.

4 peeled golden yukon potatoes (This type of potato works best for this recipe)
¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Generously coat each potato with olive oil.
Wrap each individual potato in tin foil.
Bake for 2 hours.
Remove from oven and allow to cool before unwrapping.

Two hours is a lot of time to wait for dinner, so we usually have a bit of bread and cheese to tide us over. This also a wonderful time to start sampling your beer. A themed meal is a great excuse to get fancy and have video game/beer pairings. It just adds a certain level of sophistication to the event. Below we’ve listed a few examples of games, movies, and TV shows to add a bit of atmosphere to the evening.



  • Game of Thrones – I love Game of Thrones. Possibly because it’s a great, well-constructed masterpiece, but it’s more likely that I’ve invested what seems like half of my life to reading the books. The HBO adaptation is pretty good, if not entirely (or even remotely at times) accurate to the books. 
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail – This very accurate representation of the Arthurian Legend is a perfect pairing to any medieval meal.  The strict historical standard at which the actors portray brave knights running about while banging two empty halves of coconut together compliment stuffing your face with a comically sized turkey leg quite well.



Castle Crashers – If you are looking for a frantic co-op experience to share, this is an excellent choice.  The art style is cute, while the strange and silly characters keep the game lighthearted and fun (despite numerous decapitations).  For this title, Laura provided New Belgium’s 1554 Black Ale; a delicious dark beer that is described as “quite quaffable.”


Skyrim – If you want to depart slightly from the realm of medieval England and you don’t mind a single player game, Skyrim isn’t a bad game to play into the wee hours of dawn either. We paired this beer with Norse Legend from the Samuel Adams brewery…for the obvious reason.   

And there you have it: a Date Night fit for a king (HA!).  We hope that this post will inspire you, and remember: you don’t always have to get all dressed up and go out (and spend ridiculous amounts of money) to have a fantastic night with your sweetheart.

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When Monty Python Meets Fallout

Goooooood morning to all of our faithful readers!  After two solid weeks of vacation and belly dance retreats, Laura and I have returned to GIMMGP Headquarters feeling refreshed and ready to hit the ground running (read: tired, cranky from traveling, and both of us want just one more day before going back to our 9-to-5 jobs).  During our little hiatus, Laura has been enjoying the Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim, while I was tapping away at my 3DS to the classic tunes of Final Fantasy: Theatrhythm, so expect some delightful posts on these games in the near future.

In the mean time, I wanted to share a limited time offer with our GIMMGP Audience.  During the early days of this blog, I shared a t-shirt that my friend Ken had made, which is still making the rounds on various websites and can be found through his Facebook page.  I am very proud to announce that another friend of ours has had a design printed on shirt.woot, which is a fantastic mash-up of Monty Python’s Holy Grail and Fallout 3!  While I missed posting the original sale day for the design (no Interwebs in the wilderness, sorry gang), shirt.woot keeps the shirt for sale as long as it stays popular, so be sure to pick one of these excellent pieces while you can!

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