Born in September 2011, Games I Made My Girlfriend Play started with a simple purpose: to share my favorite video games with my beloved.   Now it serves an additional goal: to provide a creative outlet for two science majors who desperately want their hobbies to become their careers.

Everyone has different life experiences; there are piles upon piles of games which I adore that Laura never had the opportunity to play.  So I will dig these classics out of storage, plop a controller in her hands, and get her thoughts on a game.  Sometimes, she loves the game and we are drawn ever closer, other titles will earn her spite and we must agree to disagree.  There are even times when Laura will tear off my rose-tinted glasses and we concur than an old title is a turd.  No matter the outcome, video games are played, discussion is had, and we share new experiences together (and Laura draws a pretty picture).

In between our actual GIMMGP posts, Laura and I will wax philosophical on topics in and around the world of gaming.  We will also endeavor to share interesting foods, crafts, and creations influenced by gaming culture.

Our blog focuses on the experience of sharing this medium with the ones you love, whether they are rabid fans or complete neophytes. Our objective is to offer insight that video games can deepen personal connections and to introduce games to those who might not enjoy them currently.


I have been playing video games since the rambunctious age of four, when my father brought home a Nintendo Entertainment System after a long day of hunting buffalo on the plains.

Since that day, most of the worthwhile moments in my life are punctuated by what game I was playing at the time.  For many people, nostalgia is tied to smells or tastes, movies or songs, but for me, video games are the triggers.  Super Mario Brothers is afternoons with my father, Castlevania 3 marks a miracle, Okage: Shadow King means my first heartbreak, and Guitar Hero led me to my wife.  I believe that video games are more than just mere time wasters; they are an opportunity to share ideas and promote thoughtful discussion.

Outside of my digital obsession, I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, and traveling.  I particularly enjoy when my hobbies intersect, like traveling to a new city for a gaming convention, or whipping up a new dish or beverage from a video game.  In other words, I am chronically obsessed with video games.  Please help.

Favorite Games- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Tekken 3, Grim Fandango


I occupy the space somewhere between casual gamer and serious enthusiast. I only played a few games while I was growing up, but I’ve always been around people who played them. I preferred to spend my afternoons drawing. It’s no surprise that the majority of the games I personally own are cheap, fun, and/or very pretty. I love discussing games in an analytical way and exploring the art, stories, and people behind them. I also love searching out fun games to play with my husband, then promptly insisting that everyone else play them too.

Favorite Games- Okami, Bayonetta, Uncharted (series), Outland, Chompy Chomp Chomp

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey – as a fan of cooking and video games, you’ve probably heard of Gourmet Gaming: http://www.gourmetgaming.co.uk/ but if you haven’t you should definitely check it out.

    • gimmgp says:

      Gourmet Gaming is excellent; tasty foods and great photography, too! I have linked back to her recipes in a couple of our posts here at GIMMGP. Thanks for the suggestion and for following!

  2. simpleek says:

    Hello you lovely people! I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!

  3. cary says:

    OMG, so many (too many!) awards! So here’s another: The Blog of the Year Award! http://wp.me/p1VEw4-1iT

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